Managing Challenging Behaviour


Employers have a legal resposibility to risk assess and provide safety measures, where there is a known incident of violence or aggression towards staff members.

Prevent and Manage Violence and Aggression


  • 1 day (7 hr) Prevent and Manage Violence and Aggression 

Ensure your staff have the skills to de-escalate, disengage and if necessary break away from a violent or aggressive incident

Manage Challenging Behaviour


  • Half day (3 hr) Positive Behavioural Support

Recognise and manage anger and aggression. Ensure staff have effective communication slkills, manage their environment correctly and know the reasons why people present challenges.

Challenges in Dementia Care


There are many reasons why the person with Dementia may present challenges. Ensure your staff are doing all they can to provide the correct care for those who suffer Dementia.


  • Half day (3 hr) Challenges in Dementia Care

Environmental, communication and person-centred approaches.